Horse breeds: Calabrese

Horse breeds: Calabrese

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Origins and attitudes

Ancient breed originally from Calabria, derived from a group of Arab horses imported from North Africa. During the Bourbon period it was crossed with the Andalusian which gave it elegance in the movements. In more recent times it has undergone the influence of the English Thoroughbred which has produced the increase in size and of the Salerno area.
In order not to disperse the original characters, we sometimes resort to re-blooding with oriental horses.
Frugal and resistant, with a lively and docile temperament, easy to train.
Saddle horse, suitable for equestrian tourism.
Very suitable for jumping; strong, resistant and fast, with great balance.

Morphological characters

Type: dolomomorphic.
Bay coat, dark bay, morello, gray, chestnut.
Height at the withers: 1.60-1.65 cm.
Average weight: 450-500 kg.
Beautiful head with straight or slightly sheepskin profile.
Proportionate neck.
Elevated withers; straight back-lumbar line, oblique rump, low tail.
Wide chest, long and inclined shoulder.
Resistant tendons, regular hooves with consistent nail.

Calabrian horse

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